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A Simple Safety Trick PDF Print E-mail

This great idea comes from Ken Howes, Executive Director of the American Association of State Troopers.  Pass the word!
Put your car keys beside your bed at night


If you hear a noise outside your home or if someone is trying to get into your house, just press the panic button on your car's key fob.  The alarm will be set off and the car's horn will continue to blare until either you turn it off or the car battery dies.
Think of this:  It's a security alarm system that you probably already have and requires no installation.  Test it.  It will go off from most everywhere inside your house.  It works if you park in your driveway or in your garage.
If the car alarm goes off when someone is trying to break into your house odds are the intruder won't stick around.  After a few seconds all your neighbors will be looking out their windows to see who is out there and, sure enough, the criminal won't want that.  And remember to carry your keys while walking to your car in a parking lot.  The alarm can work the same way there. 
This is something that should be shared with everyone you know.  Who knows?  Maybe it could save a life or prevent a robbery or a sexual abuse crime. 
It would also be useful for ANY emergency, such as if you suffer a heart attack or stroke or you fall and can't reach a phone.

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